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-   Imagine  -   Learn -  Create -  Inspire   -
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Proud to be one of Several Woman Owned Businesses in the Chatsworth Corridor





21754 Devonshire St.
Chatsworth, CA 91311
(747) 237-7217

Open Tuesday-Saturday 12pm-6pm...ish

One of the beautiful parts of being a small business is being able to be a concierge service to each and every guest that comes in!  I love making wonderful and meaningful connections with all of the amazing people that enter my world!    I try to keep normal hours, however I am frequently open much earlier and or later on any given day of the week.  I will gladly open up to accommodate your schedule!

-   Imagine  -   Learn -  Create -  Inspire   -

Spunky Rose Brick & Mortar came to Chatsworth in January of 2021 and opened in July of 2021.  Yes, that's right in the middle of our wonderful covid-19 pandemic!  In fact, right after signing the lease for the shop, I came down with covid-19.  I knew from the beginning that the shop was not big enough to hold ALL OF MY HUGE DREAMS AND IDEAS, BUT THE IDEA OF BEING ABLE TO OPEN UP RIGHT IN BETWEEN TWO VERY INSPRATIONAL & CREATIVE WOMEN OWNED BUSINESSES WAS TOO GOOD TO PASS UP! (Links to My Creative Outlet & Craftiness located below).  July of 2023 I acquired the shop next to me, doubling in size.  After months of construction & preparation, we are finally ready to share the space!  Summer of 2024 is going to be epic!

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